Thank you for helping us to spread happiness

In December 2019 we partnered up with "Friends4Friends" - a social wellfare organisation based in Regensburg Germany. We collaborated on two of our Christmas shows in Katutura which were sponsored by them. Thank you! Beginning of 2020 we launched a theatre project together with a group of teenagers from their schooling programme in Katutura. The aim of this project is to equip the young adults with important skills for their future which are not entirely fostered in a traditional schooling environment. Such as body language, public speaking, creative & empathetic thinking, team work, storytelling and presentation skills. Last but not least this project is opening minds through the characters and storylines of the plays and provides different perspectives and ideas for their own future. 


You can find out more about Friends4Friends on their Website.





After launching our hospital clowning project at the children's wards of the Katutura State Hospital in 2019 we received a generous donation from ASCO CAR HIRE TRUST. Thank you for helping us to get this project on stable feet! With this amount we were able to ensure weekly visits. A regularity is essential to give the little patients something to look forward to, especially children who are hospitalized long-term.

CLAUDIA DALCHOW - actress, coach & body language expert from Cologne / Germany - is an ambassador and patron for our projects. Thank you for helping us raise the funding for another year of the hospital clowning project as well as blessing about 400 children in Namibia during Christmas time with a little gift and a treat in combination with our theatre play. Claudia also designed the beautiful costumes and joined the Fun Factory team on her own costs in December 2019 to support the project. Find out more about Claudia on her website.