First impressions last


Jana Marie's favourite song is probably "Don't worry, be happy", because she thinks that life is just too short to take everything seriously all the time. Jana graduated from drama school in Berlin/Germany in 2012 and has been working since as an actress on stage, film and TV in Germany. She also does voice-overs, works as a radio host, writes comedy for TV series as well as stage - and last but not least - she is a qualified hospital clown!


To sum it up: This woman loves to entertain and her favorite audience are children! Now she wants to entertain Namibia, because it's the country she's come to love.



Matthew's message is: "Have fun! You're allowed to be silly. There is nothing wrong with it." He worked in drama groups and did a lot of theatre plays. During the past 8 years Matthew also worked in the community using his skills as a performer - this has always been one of his dreams and the results were amazing! The combination of working hard, but at the same time not forgetting to play, that's in his opinion the key to have fun in life and really enjoy it. This very quality makes Matthew the perfect entertainer, because as an entertainer you're job is to help people have fun!


Matthew was our first hospital clown trainee and shows great leadership and ambition in this field of work. 




Working with children is Anna's greatest ambition and seeing them happy is the biggest thing she could ever ask for.


With this motivation in mind her outstanding work ethic fits perfectly to Walt Dinsey's words: “What ever you do, do it well.” She is furthermore an experienced camp facilitator and has certificates from Life Line Child Line in basic counseling as well as play therapy.


Anna is currently being trained to become part of the hospital clowning team.




Remember is a true lover of nature and smiles. His big passion is acting as he believes that the power of imagination heals and connects the world. Remember furterhmore is a proud cat owner and fitness enthusiast who believes in using joy and happiness to see what is unseen and do the impossible. 



One of our criteria to choose someone to become a hospital clown is the natural, positive vibe that a person carries with them. Remember surely embodies pure positivity!





With the powerful motto for her life “take space and cement yourself” Precious is showing the world that with the right vision you can reach any goal you set for yourself. It doesn't matter who you are or how you look but with the right attitude anyone is able to make their dreams come true.


Precious believes in a world filled with smiles, kindness and fun. That's exactly what The Fun Factory is about: Sharing happiness and positive vibes! - Her energy is helping us to drive our passion and mission forwards.