Send in the clowns!

Are you looking for the perfect surprise guest at your child's birthday party or are you planning a function and don't know how to keep the kids busy while the parents enjoy a glas of wine? Look no further! Just invite "Princess Banana" or "Holá". Why? If you haven't met them yet, you definitely missed out on a very funny, crazy and colourful experience! Banana is the strongest princess in the world and loves playing songs on her ukulele. Holá is always on a mission for adventures and enjoys soap bubble showers. Together with their pet-puppets they travel the world and have their suitcase packed full to the brim with surprises for the little ones.

Prices starting from 500N$ and vary with regards to duration, number of children & extras. Feel free to ask us for a quotation.

Moments of joy for children in need

Hospital Clowns: Health starts with a smile

Laughter helps to activate the self-healing process - that is why the visits of hospital clowns are especially important to hospitalized children. The clowns brighten up a stressful and unfamiliar situation for the little patients. When the door swings open and the clowns enter the room an instant distraction is provided but with their great ideas for fun a sense of humor, optimism and joy is brought back to the ill children and their families. Music, play and laughter are the best addition to medicine! That is why the Fun Factory established clown care units in Namibia with weekly visits of a clown-duo to the children's ward of the Katutura Hospital to bring positivity through laughter and play to the sick children. 

Township shows: Laughter is an instant vacation

They are living in extreme poverty, have lost their parents and some of them were even abandoned or experienced domestic violence and abuse. Their story is tougher than most of us can ever imagine, but they are still children. No child deserves an everyday life without laughter and joy, but especially children in a situation of crisis need hope and distraction.


The clowns with their curious and optimistic attitude - even when things go wrong - are able to lighten up the situation with their funny play. Our first visit at Family of Good Hope Services in Katutura was definitely a success and we'll make this a regular happening in 2020 as well as at the Children's Home "Huis Maerua". The positive effects of the feeling during the show will linger on even after the clowns have packed their bags again.