The unique walking-act for your event

In their 1950's inspired outfits the Candy Girls are a real eye-catcher. They will entertain your guests by handing out sweets from their vendor trays, playing candy related games and challenges with them, and engaging them in striking conversations. You can book up to three Candy Girls at the same time for bigger functions and don't forget about our Candy Guy! He operates the popcorn & candy floss machines at a decorated candy bar which you can also add to your function.


This walking act is ideal for when your guests have to wait for an opening speech or need to pass the time at a wedding while the married couple are busy taking photos. These girls will sweeten any event.



Additional options like music that matches the candy theme as well as a polaroid camera can be brought along. Your guests will definitely have a one-of-a-kind experience which will leave them talking about your event long after it's done. 


If you'd like the Candy Girls to hand out something in particular to advertise it, we are also the right choice for you!


Another great way the Candy Girls can add to your function is by leading your guests in fun and entertaining ways from one venue or setting to the next and getting the timing right for a special announcement or event! Just let us know what you need and we will work it into our performance!


And of course the Candy Girls will also be happy to join in at a kiddies birthday party! If you are looking for an activity for the little ones which also includes a souvenir of the day the candy girls have something up their sleeves...